Inspired by Wes Bos and Adam Wathan, I decided to add my own /uses page. I think it's a cool way to learn more about developers and their preferences. Check out to see what developers are using across the world in their daily workflow.



  • My favorite editor for development is VS Code. I love the integrated terminal and the community support behind it. I am currently using the Github Dark Dimmed theme and love it.
  • I use Jetbrains Mono as my editor font. I love the uniqueness and ligatures of this font in my editor.
  • For all of my SQL development, I use DataGrip at work and TablePlus for personal projects.
  • I do not have a favorite web browser. I tend to use all of the Big 3 (Chrome, Firefox & Safari). However, for responsive design development, I use Sizzy.
  • Currently, I host all my sites and applications (mainly use React/NextJS) on Vercel. Lately, I've been using supabase as a hosted database service for my personal projects.